Field Services Schedule Board - Unknown Error

Error messages can be useful but some are downright useless! This one is an example of the latter but a more useful error later led me to the solution. If you have seen the error above on loading the Schedule Board then read on for a possible solution.

I tend to ramble so below I have listed the steps I took to fix the problem and below that is the full story.

Quick Fix Steps

  1. Navigate to Draft Processes view in Settings > Processes.
  2. Assign all Processes to an enabled System Administrator user.
  3. Activate all relevant Processes that had been disabled for whatever reason.
  4. Revel in your ability to bring a CRM instance back to life!

Detailed Story

Recently there has been a need to get a better understanding of Field Services and Project Service Automation within Dynamics 365 which has kept me busy creating trials and watching videos (thank you Microsoft for giving us free trials!). Part of this research extended to the Portals capability and it was at that point things seemed to go horribly wrong.

After setting up a trial with ALL scenarios included (Sales, Customer Service, Field Services, Project Services) I then proceeded to add the Preferred Service install of a Portals trial. That went well and I got myself a nice new portal to play with, great. After a while of playing with that and the CRM I then returned to the Schedule Board to test a few things and saw the error above! Damn.

First things first, “Copy to clipboard” eh? Right, click that, what do I get?

Error: Unknown error StackTrace:

Useful. No. Really.

Next thing to try in the browse developer console so I hit F12 and a bunch of errors do appear when I refresh but nothing seemed that obvious; there was a 404 error indicating it was attempting to retrieve something on the server that no longer existed.

At this point I actually gave up and created a whole new trial from scratch and did it all over again with no demo data. However, I was referring back to the previous trial for data and in doing so I kept getting odd errors in different places including the warning below when attempting to view the Work Breakdown Structure of a Project.

Another error popped up somewhere else which mentioned a process not being activated and this got me thinking about an issue I have had before with an Action not being activated. So off to Processes I plod (Settings > Processes) and select the Draft Processes view; since this was a trial I would expect there to be no Draft processes and in fact I originally saw 187! In my re-creation here I actually have only 10 draft but it has the same effect.

First thing I did was to activate the processes but got an Access Error. The system seems to not know who I am all of a sudden, huh?

This error is actually to do with the Owner of the process rather than the current user logged in. That is a key point to remember about workflow, they usually operate in the context of the owner and so you need to be careful with ownership of workflow.

_It is always recommended to set the owner of workflows to a service account that is relevant to that process as if it happens to be a normal CRM user then when that person leaves the company and their account is disabled, bang, all processes stop working._

To fix this annoying issue, select all draft processes that are owned by the wrong user (in this case — — was the user) and assign to a relevant System Administrator account; for this I have assigned them to me.

Select all the draft processes that need to be activated (in my case all of them) and then click Activate, hopefully that should just work but you may get some errors due to issues with the workflow (usually user or team issues and data hard-coded into the steps), fix these if needed and re-activate.

Once all of the processes have been re-activated you should be good to go with Projects and the Schedule Board again, hope this has been helpful.

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