Dynamics 365 Portals - Useful Resources

Now that every Dynamics CRM Enterprise license comes with a CRM Portal as standard it is a good thing to get to know, not to mention it is an incredibly powerful and useful addition to an already great platform.

This post attempts to capture all of the useful references I have found to date for learning how to implement portals.

The references included in this post relate to the latest version of CRM Portals which is provided with Dynamics 365 and therefore is not available to on-premise versions and does not include the ability to develop new web pages in .NET.

Latest version online: (as of 28/02/2018) (Portal Release Notes)

General Help

Liquid Template Language

  • Shopify Liquid Guide - Liquid Syntax is an open source project used by Shopify and incorporated into Adxstudio Portals to provide a powerful language to implement pages. This guide is useful for the standard features and syntax of the language.

  • Adxstudio Documentation - Liquid Templates - As with the link above, this is the older documentation but still very relevant for the latest version. The examples are especially useful here.

  • Microsoft Help - Dynamic Content - Currently a “lift and shift” version of the older documentation but useful here as over time this will be updated with any new features over the Adxstudio version.

  • ADX Entity List FetchXML Filter Help - Very useful reference from the original ADX Portals documentation site on FetchXML filters for an Entity List.

Site Settings

  • Adxstudio Documentation - Current Settings Used - Already becoming fast out of date and certainly not full featured (no mention of Head/Fonts for instance) but this is the only reference I can find of Site Settings the system use by default.
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